Interview With Buzzing Illinois Artist Triggy Tre

Triggy Tre: I had to keep going even when I took some of my Biggest losses & overcoming addictions

Triggy Tre: Never giving up. That’s one hella accomplishment

Triggy Tre: Financial freedom

Triggy Tre: I don’t think I came to that yet

Triggy Tre: If there’s the sum that makes you happy, please chase what you love doing & never give up on that dream. Nobody loves doing shit they don’t want to do

Triggy Tre: Somewhere hot & Wealthy with my niggas fucking the oops baby mommas

Triggy Tre: Shittttt, I think I’ll fuck some up with juice Wrld, Polo G, XXXtentation, & Young Pappy

Triggy Tre: Wouldn’t sign to no label without reading the fine print. Cause I don’t know which label out here selling dreams

Triggy Tre: Imma pick one male ab and one female artist to be fair on both sides. Scorey and shyfromdatre



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