Interview: Vincent J Boles

Vincent J Boles

to me

What is the most complex thing you’ve had to do? Become a Entrepreneur. I thought it would be easy, because I’ve worked for so many companies … It wasn’t then and it’s still kind of hard now. With continued education , Holding myself accountable and understanding there is no I In Team I have learned to excel and put my best foot forward no matter what.

What is the most outstanding achievement you’ve ever accomplished? Being invited to film on National Tv … This was a accomplishment to me because it’s where I always wanted to be. On stage! On a platform bigger than me. Then using that platform to brand my talents and Motivate people to do the same.

What are your long-term goals? First continuing to take care of my mental health. As a entrepreneur some don’t understand what we go through. Another goal is controlling this mouth… They always ask and because I’m Very direct it comes off as rude… Being Consistent with God like he is consistently giving me life.

What is the biggest mistake you have made within your career? The biggest mistake I ever made in my career was giving up on me . Saying I can’t do this . Then, changing fields and jobs… When I should have placed my self around what I wanted to see in me… So that I could excel.

What is one message that you would like to give the world? We are all promised 2 things in this world. To Live , and To Die… Everything inbetween is on us. SO MAKE THE BEST OF IT. No matter good or bad.. KEEP GOING . Keep fighting… UNTIL you take that last Breath.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? 10 years from now. Ten years from now . First living Lmaooo Then staying prayed up.
If you could take back one thing you did wrong, what would it be and why? Doing Black Market silicone injections. Why because it consumed the life of a young mother. Her death hurt me more Than going to jail. It showed me every hustle is not a good hustle.. After losing it all… GOD MADE A WAY for me to use my platform, to inform people of the CC dangers of black market injections.



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