Interview Knight Zoe

What is the most complex thing you’ve had to do?

• The most complex thing i would say is being comfortable with myself; loving me for who i am and not who the world wants me to be.

What is the most outstanding achievement you’ve ever accomplished?

• My most outstanding achievement so far in life i would say is serving my country. I was in the Army for 4 years and i am now a Veteran.

What are your long-term goals?

• To continue my passion modeling. As well as becoming a mentor to younger girls all across the world.

What is the biggest mistake you have made within your career?

• Lowering my standards just to work with certain photographers.

What is one message that you would like to give the world?

• BE YOU ! nobody else can be you and nobody can tell you how to be you. Live your life for you and be happy.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
• I see myself owning my own modeling company that helps younger girls become more comfortable within themselves and just mentoring them for the better.

If you could take back one thing you did wrong, what would it be and why?

• if i could take back one thing it would be not following my heart . I say this because i thought it had to do what everyone else thought would be good for me regardless if it made me happy or not. I have come to realize that my happiness comes first .



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