Interview: Jr DaArtist

Mr. Steven D Wilford
2 min readFeb 25


What is the most complex thing you’ve had to do?

  • The most complex thing I ever had to do was write 5 songs in 2 hours before my studio session and have them mixed and mastered that same day.

What is the most outstanding achievement you’ve ever accomplished?

  • The most outstanding achievement I ever accomplished was making it to the age of 32 and being able to do what I love to do because where I’m from which is D.C. folks don’t make it to see the age of 16

What are your long-term goals?

Let Alone being a music artist. My long-term goals are being able to achieve whatever it is I love to do and mastering my craft and being the best version of myself when it comes to music. Within my music career, the biggest mistakes I have made were being too anxious to the point where I fell for every scam dealing with music and trusting people that blew smoke in my face.

What is the biggest mistake you have made within your career?

  • My message to the dreamers worldwide is to never let anybody tell you that you can’t, you won’t, and you're not gonna be what you wanna be so stay focused, and when you feel like giving up just remember why you started. In the next 10 years, I see myself passing on my legacy to my kids and enjoying the wealth of my success. If I can take back 1 thing I did wrong it would be to have more patience and think out different situations on my journey to music journey.

What is one message that you would like to give the world?

  • If I could sign with any label I would sign myself to my label which is ( legend empire records llc ). The reason why I would sign myself is that I have a belief in ownership and being a leader and captain of your ship. If I can work with any artist it would be a handful of em but to name a few: Keven gates, meek mill, Lil Wayne, J.Cole, and a lot more others that speak about what’s going on.



Mr. Steven D Wilford