Interview: Hugo Kyoto

Mr. Steven D Wilford
3 min readMar 7


What is the most complex thing you’ve had to do?

The most complex thing I had to do was starting my journey in the music industry and social media when I was only 11 years old. Most people did not understand that I was so dedicated being so young and kids in school would criticize me for it but I kept doing what I loved.

What is the most outstanding achievement you’ve ever accomplished?

Being one of the most recognized artists in Spain (where I am native from) and having followers from all over the world has not been easy but receiving all their love and support is really comforting. I believe performing live shows as a DJ where my followers come to see me in different cities of the world is one of the most outstanding things I have achieved. Also being on Spain’s national television and other important channels being interviewed many times and appearing on the last season of the Netflix show “Elite” are achievements I am glad of.

What are your long-term goals?

My long-term goals would be to keep travelling the world doing live shows as a DJ, producing hits and joining some of my favorite artists and friends at festival line-ups. Also getting more recognized worldwide is one of my goals.

What is the biggest mistake you have made within your career?

Maybe the biggest mistake I made was being too ambitious, which can be good at some times but it is also very stressing. It is difficult to outperform yourself everyday.

What is one message that you would like to give the world?

The best message I could give people is to never give up on their dreams. The beginning of a journey is always difficult but if you are disciplined and enjoy what you do, things always work out well. Do not let bad opinions take over your life, just take them into consideration to improve yourself.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

I see myself creating a label with my other artist friends and creating a festival to be at different cities of the world where both some of the most recognized artists and upcoming talents perform to give an opportunity to those who are good but do not have enough public exposition.

If you could take back one thing you did wrong, what would it be and why?

I do not regret anything I have done because I believe everything happens for a reason. For instance, I would have liked to have a different mindset in the past, when I felt really stressed at some times because I did not have ideas to create new songs, mixes or social media content. I learnt that it is impossible to be creative everyday for years, you have to take rests to get inspiration and come back stronger.



Mr. Steven D Wilford