Interview: Eli Huhem

  • In an 18 year old1, I went on a mission trip for my church; I was sent to Mexico for two years; during that time, I lived in Tijuana, Mexicali, and Ensenada. I arrived knowing no Spanish and was put with a companion that was from Mexico and knew no English. During the mission, the missionaries were always in pairs. Our purpose as ministers was to teach the gospel to everyone. So for two years, I managed to learn Spanish and help the people of Mexico. We had no access to social media and no ability to surf the internet. We could only email our families on Mondays. And now, thanks to the mission, I am fluent in Spanish.

  • At the age of 21, I worked on my first real estate project. My dad and uncle allowed us to work on a flip house. Ever since that project, I began to love real estate and worked in that field, getting eventuallyeventuallyeventually eventually getting my realtor license in the state of Texas and Utah. Finally, I did another two flips. But that was all just the leading factor to my greatest accomplishment. Still, at 21 years old, I managed to get a two multi million2illion dollar apartment complex. And the goal is too, little by little, to improve the complex to do a cash-out uyby another multifamily property eventually.

  • To be at 1000 real estate “doors” by 2027. We are already heading to 300. I plan to continue flipping small properties to get funds for the more significant properties to increase our numbers


  • NotI was not buying a five multi-family multi-family multi-family apartment complex. When I was presented with the deal, I told myself that it was too much with all the other projects I already had on my plate. However, In a few months, the property sold for double what they had as the price when they tried selling it to me. Looking back, I know that we could’ve handled it, but one's fear is also their limit limitation. If you don't have fear, you cannot limit what you can do.

What is one message that you would like to give the world?

  • Whatever it takes,” too many people want success, but after working for a few weeks or months, months, or even years, they quit because they don't see the results they want. Success in this world is gained by completing the marathon, not by running a sprint. We need to do whatever it takes day in and day out to see the results we want.

  • In ten years, iI sees myselfmemyself as a recognizable real estate guru with properties all over the united states, along with property in foreign countries. Not just properties limited to multi-family but also commercial with hotels, resorts, storage facilities, .

  • NotI amis not trusting in myself earlier to make bolder moves. IveI'sI's come across multiple deals in my life where I told myself it was too much or too big. But I've learned that things are onlyonlyonlyonly only only only hard if you have a destructive terrible, terrible, dangerous mindset. If you do whatever it takes, any project can be accomplished.



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