FDT Pitt Drop’s New Single “ Lity “

Buzzing Musical Artist FDT PITT drop’s a blazing hot new single entitled “ Litty ” on all music platforms.

FDT Pitt is setting high standards for himself just dropping another single entitled “ In The Trenches “ featuring “ Rozay Bay “ the dynamic duo hit single was featured into multiple Hip-Hop blogs such as Genius, Medium, Vera Magazine, and many more to come. After doing so much in a short period. FDT Pitt is proving that consistency & dedication pays off. FDT Pitt recently released “ In The Trenches “ just a few days ago and already releasing new music. This is good look, being he just starting rapping a few months ago and already having this much success means somebody bigger than people can see.

FDT Pitt will continue to flood the music platforms with new music with the hope of an album to drop soon, which he knows will make his fans & future fans happy; with having to overcome a lot of obstacles in life, FDT Pitt feels like he is in the rap game to stay and wants to take his music to the next level.

Read Interview With FDT Pitt👇🏾

  1. When/How did you start/get into making music?

FDT PITT: For years I’ve met various artist over time just by hanging in studios and visiting different cities. I didn’t think I had it in me to make music, I was always in the background wondering if I had what it takes. After taking multiple trips to California and Atlanta to understand the business behind music. I decided that is was my turn to be a serious artist.

2. What is the most complex subject you’ve ever written about?

FDT PITT: I always write about my current life and personal experiences. But the most complex to introduce is the hardships I’ve endured throughout my life with my family. Writing is a form of expressing yourself. A lot of people find it easy to write about there success it gives them the drive to continue to be successful. But hardships are a different story you become uncomfortable with pain that comes with it.

3. What is the most outstanding achievement you’ve ever accomplished?

FDT PITT: Honestly starting a career as an artist is my biggest achievement. Realizing that doing anything you put your mind to is very possible and real. After only releasing a few singles. I’ve gained the attention of a couple record labels.

4. Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

FDT PITT: Yes I just dropped my new single “Litty” , I plan on releasing two ep’s soon I have about 20 singles I’m ready to release definitely stay tuned.

5. If you could sign with any label who would it be and why ?

FDT PITT: Atlantic Records I’ve always thought highly of them as a top tier label. They have many main stream artist style I like and relate too. They would definitely be perfect fit to my career.

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