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I want to learn how to include more vocal harmony in more of my Songs and songwriting — Ive been feeling more confident and comfortable with it since iI found my Sound. So I'd go with the whole creative directing and writing on my 2020 Vision Album I started in 2019. It took me the entire year because I was new to Rapping and this whole Industry changed. Thankfully I was able to finish everything and have it Released on the first day of 2020, which was New Year's Day, which was also very Complex because of the Deadline I set. Everything needed to be correct. But I did it.

- Remaining Positive Throughout All my daily struggles & challenges. I always have 99; remember, it’s better days. I know everybody goes through things, but I had to overcome a lot most never experience experienced. If I had to name something more specific or direct, id says moving to Atlanta at the start of 2021 with no car or place to go with only $7. HOMELESS for three weeks living out hotels/motels and still finding a way to Thrive that year and find a home, get my Dream car, and improve my finances and Music. It's hard to continue this Passion for Music and Entertainment by yourself and be independent, especially with no job or Financial support. So let's say being able to make music at alland succeed since then. Look at God

  • I want to open up a few businesses! A few include a clothing store that always keeps the greatest and latest fashion for folks that are Big and tall size or plus size. For all my Athletes and stallions out there. Another goal is to take my business with my Independent Label “Tha Council” to another level where I can open up a music studio back home in Richmond, Virginia, where I'm from. Back in Virginia, don't have a lot of “open” well-known studios many talented artists can go to and create. Also,wannawant to keep it affordable and flexible for an artist to invest in Sorta like a nonprofit organization. Somehow somehow, ill makes make that work. My main long-term goal is to provide a better life and opportunity for my Daughter and Family And be Financially Free!

- Doubting Myself. It's not anything I'm known to do, but we all Doubt ourselves. Our heads about certain things we aren’t entirely sure of. Although all and all, I genuinely feel and believe everything happens for a reason. ImI'sI's Fully Confident in my abilities. All the things iv done and the decisions iv made have helped me in one way or another. If something wasntwasn't instantly beneficial, it was later down the road when I faced a similar situation. Remember, I just started making music in 2020 with no Personal Guide thru the game, so I knew id have to experience a lot to know and understand what works and doesn’t wand hat. iI should and shouldn’t put my time, energy,y, and money too, so I knew I'd have to experience a lot to know and understand what works and doesn’t and what iI should and shouldn’t put my time on energy and money. It's all good, though, because Sean is good either way.

- That there is still light in da ark world. And that it's cool to be yourself or who you want to want to be. ItsIt's ok to love others and be there for people even if they don't. Not everyone is heartless or gotta be toxic to keep things interesting. ItsIt's OK, acceptable, and acceptable to want help with no alternative motives. When it seems at darkest, and you don't know where to go or what to do, it’s someone looking over them working things out. As long as you believe in yourself and stay optimistic, anything you want to do is possible. Help people understand God loves them exactly how they are and right where they are in life. He’s just waiting on them and is more pressed to connect with them to show them love and blessings than judge them like we were taught growing up. It's fantastic in the light people don't know. This is Coming from someone who is still Wild as Fuck. I see a bigger picture now. Jireh gotcha

- I see myself involving myself more in film or acting. Still also in Music but more as a Mentor, Creative Director, or behind the scenes working with only top tier and most influential music artists out with my Label Major Moves that directly affect the Culture in the most empowering positive way you could imagine. That maintained even the half tho, well, see.

- Nothing… I think that was Muni Long that Wanted or wished for a Time Machine. IUI'sIUI's okay with what worked out. It all was designed. Everything happens for a reason and everything I'm not made me everything iI am. “Yeezy taught me.”Lol.

- live Nation, Universal Music Group, Roc Nation, Interscope. The main Reasonreason was that “The Council” didn’t exist or find a way to do some Merge Partnership. I Vowed to be open to diff ideas but ultimately have the final say in my Creative Control and Business Decisions. I need to be able things other than a few money jects to show for all the Sacrifices to have something other than money, cash, and Material things I made.

- The Weeknd, first because he’s unable to create anything other than Fire, is severely underrated. I have a day to say Rap, Pharrell, Pusha T, Jay-z, and Kanye West. Because I need to be challenged to bring out the best of my abilities and who I am as an artist and person. Pharrell and Push are both from Va, so they are talented and my Hometown Herosheroes. That's a significant milestone for me and a dream come true.



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